Tropical Ice Age Margaritas

How much does it cost to rent a margarita machine from Tropical Ice Age Margaritas?
The standard package price is $129.99 and includes delivery, pickup, your first mix
concentrate, use of our 5 gallon pre-measured mixing jug, 50 cups, 50 straws, extension
cord, a cup rimmer with salt (for margaritas), and a skirted cart.

Do the mix concentrates contain alcohol?
No. We do not supply any liquor or alcoholic beverages. Our mixes are concentrates
that contain no liquor or alcohol.

Do you have to use alcohol?
No. All our mixes are non-alcoholic concentrates and are great for non-alcoholic slushies
for the kids! Click on HERE for party ideas.

I am having a large party. How many people does one machine serve?
One machine is usually sufficient for parties up to 100 guests. Beyond 100 we strongly
suggest a second machine. Weather temperatures and/or party guests might call for extra
freezing power. Please call us for particulars on your party so we can suit your needs.

How long does it take for the margarita mix to freeze from start-up?
One hour if it is at room temperature.

What size are the cups that you supply?
We supply 9 oz. clear cups. Each batch makes about 5 gallons (71, 9-oz drinks). Large
cups can lead to waste as guests let the drink melt, throw away, and get another drink. Also,
large cups can create excess demand on the machine resulting in reduced drink production.

How big are the machines and what are the power requirements?
The machines are about the size of a large microwave and come on a commercial-wheeled
cart. They require a standard 110-v/20-amp outlet. Since they draw about the same amps as
any other appliance in your household, they MUST be plugged into a circuit that does not
already support a large appliance. Since 99.9% of machine problems are a result of circuit
overload, please remember not to plug-it-in with an inflatable jumper, a disc jockey set-up, a
freezer or refrigerator, nacho cheese warmer, etc.

How far in advance should I book my machine?
We recommend that you book a machine at least two weeks in advance for the summer
season (May through September). Although, machines are sometimes available at the last
minute we advise that you make your reservation as soon as your event date is determined.

Do I have to clean the machine before it’s picked up?
No! That's the best part about it. There are no cleaning responsibilities or additional charges.
Just turn the machine off when your party is over. You can even remove your frozen drinks
from the machine into a zip-lock bag and place it in your freezer so it doesn't go to waste!

What if I have stairs outside to the entrance of my home?
Stairs will be handled on a case by case basis. Second floor deliveries can not be made unless a standard sized elevator is available. Rolling the machine through the house will not damage or mark the floor, anymore than walking on it.
Due to the physical size of the margarita machine we cannot go around the house unless there is a sidewalk or the surface is hard, smooth, level, and no tall grass. If you have more than one step strung together, help will be needed to get the machine over them. You may be asked to provide the extra hand.

What else should I know about?
We must be notified at the time of booking if there are any steps or stairs that may complicate
the delivery.

Things to keep in mind...

- Use a dedicated 110-volt, 20-amp circuit

- Please keep the machine in the shade during outdoor operation

- We provide the extension cord. please do not use any other cords

- Unauthorized transportation of our machine will result in a $500 charge.
Please do not lift, relocate, or attempt to move the machine after delivery.

- Machine must remain upright at all times, laying it on its side will damage the compressor.

- Customer agrees not to use any mixes other than those supplied by Tropical Ice Age Margaritas. Using other mixes may lead to damage of the machine and/or motor due to different ingredients.

- Never put ice in the machine. It will not speed up the process, it will damage the augers inside the machine.

- If the margarita machine is used outdoors in rainy weather conditions, you will need to keep it under cover.

- If you choose to have your margarita machine outdoors, please realize some things are out of our control such as: heavy duty extension cords longer than 25 feet or hot weather that can prolong freeze time. We try to put the machine in the shade and deliver the machine early enough to give you time so you can enjoy the party!